Sunday, January 18, 2009

i know, it has been too long.

BUT LOOK! HERE!I apologize for disappearing for a couple..few..months, but I've decided to get back on the wagon. I live in Chicago now and have learned some things about some things. I'd like to share with you.

my favorite duos

1) Loretta Lynn and Jack White

There are two ways (ha) to look at this duo: What could go wrong? What could go RIGHT? 
If you've read any of my other entries, you know that I already have a fixation for Jack White. 

In a world of Metro Station, I feel completely justified in appreciating someone like Jack White. He is not the spawn of Billy Ray Cyrus, can write the score for a Pepsi commercial, act alongside John C. Reilly, and be 1/2 of The White Stripes. Why shouldn't I worship? Mad props for Jack White are obvious, but for those of you who don't hail from Shelbyville, Indiana, I'll explain Loretta Lynn.

Take a natural ability to write songs, EPIC songs, perfect and true ballads. Mix it with being southern to the bone (getting married at 13, naming your daughter after Patsy Cline, and having your husband leave you while giving birth), and being almost 75, and you have Loretta Lynn. Even though Loretta is obviously a huge deal in the country world, there's something about her that just shouldn't mesh with Jack White, or there's something about Jack White that shouldn't mesh with Loretta Lynn. The thing is, 

Exhibit A)

Exhibit B)

3 Grammies? That's what I thought.

2) Shepard Fairey and Barack Obama
Not only do these two have quite the name combination, but they have also combined innovative art with innovative to
create something iconic.
You have probably seen more OBEY tee shirts and stickers than you can count on your fingers and toes in the last few
years. The people behind the OBEY empire are Shepard Fairey and Andre the Giant. Fairey created this image based off
of any old Andre picture. Then, he printed about 40 trillion stickers and made lots of money! He continues to actively
produce art, including some promotional work for some big clients. ie: the Barack Obama Campaign.

Being in Chicago and on a college campus, I'm really tired of hearing about Barack Obama. Don't get me wrong, I'm
excited for Barack, but if I show the smallest bit of hesitation, someone will lecture me about anything liberal. So just
look at the nice picture.
Obama is one of the most visible people on the planet. In other words, he's everywhere. Shepard Fairey is great at designing images that show up EVERYWHERE. Put the two together and you've got every single park bench (in Grant Park, at least), teenager's bumper, and another big success for Fairey and Obama. Also, don't pretend like you haven't LOLed  at least once when you've seen their name combination.

3) Chicago and Santullo's Eatery
Chicago-style pizza is gross and that's it. Don't try to convince me otherwise, because it is just too much and you won't change my mind! Lucky for me, there is Santullo's Eatery, located at 1943 W. North Ave. in Chicago. Once you find your way through Wicker Park (dodge the hipsters on bikes and people that are just looking for Pier One), you'll find it. Walk in, embrace that Motorhead is playing (most likely), and just smell for a second. Oooooh yeah. Then go up to the counter and order anything. The sandwiches and salads are awesome, but I'm sending you here for the pizza. I'm a fan of ol' cheese, but I trust Santullo's. Pick anything. Maybe "Thee Hipster" or "Great White." Seriously, pick anything. The slices are HUGE and the employees will give you suggestions if you're really lost. Just look at this. Now you know what kind of pizza I'm talking about. New York-style, about 5 inches wide, 8 inches long. There's not really another way I can think to describe Santullo's pizza except for perfect.

I dig Santullo's. The atmosphere is great, the food is perfect, and there is pizza happy hour ($2 per slice, BIG slice) every day from 2 to 4. If you're in the area, just go. There are plenty of pizza places in Chicago and plenty of other more exotic choices surrounding Santullo's, but this place is seriously as good as it gets. GO. TO. SANTULLO'S.

So I guess that's it! Maybe I'll do my least favorite duos next. Bye!