Saturday, April 26, 2008


This isn't even a real post.
Actually, it's probably funnier than anything I could ever write.
I present: what my e-wanderings resulted in tonight!

This is sort of like when I watched Borat and felt genuine sadness when his producer stole his passport and left him. I know that this lolcat isn't REALLY having a party, but you know, maybe I see a little bit of myself here. Maybe you should remember that lolcats(Reillys) have feelings. Maybe you should've thrown the lolcat a surprise party so that he or she would not have known that there was a disappointing turnout. Maybe you should've just let the lolcat keep his or her passport but not talk to him or her when they get home.

Maybe you should just love the lolcat like he or she deserves!

All that I have for this the fact that I did in fact laugh out loud in the dark alone in my living room when I saw this.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

extravangza EXTRAVAGANZA!! pt. 2

The cumulus clouds in my brain have cleared and I've got some more of my favorites to share! Let's get to the important stuff.
Not Just Popcorn!
Located in Edinburgh, Indiana, this store is for people who like to taste...anything. If you want to spend $75 on 6.5 gallons of gourmet flavored popcorn, this is also your place. Not Just Popcorn has your normal flavors...caramel...I feel like that's the only normal popcorn flavor. Some of the other flavors include "autumn splendor (what the hell)," "cinderella (what do fairy tales taste like?)," mai tai, bacon and cheese pizza, dill pickle, blueberry cheesecake, creamsicle, and Tom Collins (HUMAN FLAVORED?!). I've been into Not Just Popcorn once and honestly, it's sort of a dreamland. Everything there is locally grown except for the dark chocolate (the woman that works there told me this quite enthusiastically). Oh, and if you want to purchase pounds and pounds of kernals, Not Just Popcorn sells those by the pound.
One thing about Not Just Popcorn sort of weird me out, and that is the flavors that are more like actual food. By food, I mean an entree, not a desert. Blooming Onion, Mesquite Bar-B-Q, Nacho, and Cajun seem sort of weird. Earlier, I mentioned Bacon and Cheese Pizza...and now I wonder what you use to flavor something like bacon. I don't think I'm into bacon fat on my popcorn. This is a litter Berry's Every Flavor Beans to me. Be really careful or you might get vomit flavored.
I'm not doggin' on you, though, Not Just Popcorn! I love myself some Poppycock-flavored popcorn now and then!

Paranomral-Themed Television
Now, when I say "paranormal-themed television," I mean ghost shows. Paranormal State, Ghosthunters, and Most Haunted, more specifically. Foremost, I'll highlight the characters that stand out to me.

Steve Gonsalves
Steve here is the tech manager on the Sci Fi Channel's show, Ghost Hunters. Come on, look how dedicated he is! TAPS hat, TAPS factory shirt, TATTOO OF A GHOST (check out that forearm)?!
NOTE: I don't know if that's a ghost or not. It's probably his niece or something. Calm down.
I really just think that Steve is cool. He hangs out in front of the computer while the other two guys on the show (and sometimes Brian, the one that everyone hates) slink around and freak out a lot. I mean, Steve doesn't even get out of the TAPS van sometimes. If I had Steve's job, I would use those walkie talkies to my advantage. "WATCH OUT BEHIND YOU!!" But you know, Steve's above that. He takes this stuff seriously. TAPS is not "a glorified 1-900 number for paranormal activity" (that was a quote from the bald TAPS guy) and Steve upholds that reputation, one really boring hour in the van at a time.

Yvette Fielding

Or should I say LIZA MANELLI?

Yvette is the star of Most Haunted, which is the British version of Ghost Hunters. Think of it at the English vs. Brit versions of
The Office. It's better in the sense that the humor is dry and Yvette's eyes look sweet in night vision. I like that Yvette uses Ouiji boards a lot and thinks up politically correct names for the spooks (i.e. ASTRO BEINGS circa last year's Most Haunted Live). Overall, Yvette is extreme in that she gets attacked by ghosts all the time and has an easy Halloween costume (Liza Minelli, duh).
For me, ghost shows are a great way to kill a boring Friday night (no pun intended) and creep yourself out needlessly. A lot of these places that are investigated are obviously frauds, but others are quite historically interesting. Most Haunted investigated the castle of Vlad the Impaler as well as the no-Cal hangout of the Rat Pack. With the invention of HD television, ooooh crap. Now when they talk about faces in orbs caught in really dusty rooms, which is shady, if you don't watch ghost shows, I can pretend to see the faces a little more accurately. They're cool. Paranormal-themed television in general? Let me sum it up. Small groups of people go into really old places with weird construction and plumbing. They've already been told how haunted the place is and that they're going to shit a brick before they leave. They freak out over every sound. EVP is awesome.

This Event:

It's been a while since this happened, but I remember certain things. Devin decided that he wanted his lip repeirced. Josh volunteered. Devin called me explaining that "JOSH JUST SAID THAT HE'D PIERCE MY LIP! IF I'M GOING TO TRUST ANYONE, I TRUST JOSH!"
"Um. Okay..."
So then Josh did what you see to the left. Devin quickly found that nothing else fits in the hole the size of a safety pin, so he went to Texas Roadhouse.
This didn't turn out quite as colorfully as it appears in my mind, but think about it. And Josh, if you ever read this, I think I'd trust you to do something like this too.

I've got a little notecard of things I like, but see, it's all the way upstairs. I'll update this subject periodically (aka when I feel like it), but for now, let's move forward.

Yvette is the star of Travel Channel's Most Haunted, which is really like England's version of