Saturday, April 26, 2008


This isn't even a real post.
Actually, it's probably funnier than anything I could ever write.
I present: what my e-wanderings resulted in tonight!

This is sort of like when I watched Borat and felt genuine sadness when his producer stole his passport and left him. I know that this lolcat isn't REALLY having a party, but you know, maybe I see a little bit of myself here. Maybe you should remember that lolcats(Reillys) have feelings. Maybe you should've thrown the lolcat a surprise party so that he or she would not have known that there was a disappointing turnout. Maybe you should've just let the lolcat keep his or her passport but not talk to him or her when they get home.

Maybe you should just love the lolcat like he or she deserves!

All that I have for this the fact that I did in fact laugh out loud in the dark alone in my living room when I saw this.

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